Top 9 Lines from TV’s “The Bob Newhart Show”

9.)        “Shall I draw you a bath?” 

            “No, that’s okay, I can recognize one when I see it!”


8.)        “ Can I get you anything from Mexico?”

             “Can you get me some padded coat hangers?”

             “You can get those here in Chicago!

             “I don’t care where you get them just get them!!!!”


7.)         “What does the scale say?”

              "I’m like the stock market…I’m up an eighth!”


6.)         “My wife Doris is out of town for 2 weeks.”

              "I thought Chicago felt lighter!”


5.)         “Don’t mess around with him…his middle name is trouble!”

             “No, no it isn’t…it’s Anthony”


4.)         “Howard, how do you fly a plane?”

             “No, no. no…you have to take lessons just like I did!”


3.)          “Trains are a much safer way to travel than flying.”

             “Unless a plane lands on it!”


2.)         “I’d like some Moo Goo Goo Goo.”

             “Did you hear that?  You said Moo Goo Goo Goo!”

             “Maybe I want Chinese baby food!”


1.)         “These curtain are too short…I need the people to come back and make them                 longer.”

            “I wonder how much it would be to raise the floor?”