Top 9 Things that the Iraqi Foreign Minister During Halftime of a Football Game if He were a Coach


9. “We will burn their jockstraps and hang them by their shoelaces!”

8. “We are not losing by 40 points!  The scoreboard is a lying, thieving, devilish, Zionist, invader!”

7. “Their cheerleaders look like Oprah!”

6. “What’s that noise?  Sorry…I thought I heard air sirens!”

5. “The other team is committing suicide and we must speed up this process!”

4. “Do not listen to those devil pigs in pinstripes!  They are not in charge!”

3. “Naturally, we will destroy the dwarfs!”

2. “Make fun of their clean-shaven, pretty boy faces!”

1. “Ball?  We do not use a ball in this game!”